Scaling The Heights Of Excellence
MASHIBA, a Malaysian home-grown brand name with over 25 years of experience in elevator and escalator manufacturing business, has proudly taken our products to international shores. From Central Asia to Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and Asia Pacific. Our State-of-the- Art Mashiba elevators and escalators are making a name for themselves in more than 30 over countries.
The elevators and escalators produced in our dully integrated Malaysian facilities are of the highest quality and performance. The design and manufacturing standards are based on the international benchmark and the group’s technology are product innovation centre is equipped with extensive engineering resources and continuously develops cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality performance of all our products.
Our Commitment
Each and every elevator and escalator that bears our name MASHIBA, carries the hallmark of quality and excellence, meeting, exceeding stringent reliability and international safety standards.
Our quest for continuous improvement in technology and diligence in enchancing the knowledge, expertise and skills of our employees serve to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Our Philosophy
Elevators and Escalators that bear the Hallmark of MASHIBA are guaranteed in:
Achieved right from each component to the total system through uncompromising attention to detail. Quality Management system down to every chain of designing, sourcing and production process.
Safety & Reliability:
The commitment to strict testing on all parts and components and detailed testing and simulation of the total system at the factory before installation is clear proof of the management’s conviction to supply only SAFE and RELIABLE equipment.
Quality is not just something we talk about. Our products conform to major international standards, such as Malaysia Standard, EU code and other equivalent international standards.