Research & Development
R2100 - MRL (Machine Roomless) & R3100 - MMR (Mini Machine Room)
Mashiba Elevators manufactures elevators by continuously applying the latest technology and improved elevator techniques. R2100 & R3100, the most recent high-end machine-room-less and Mini Machine Room, elevator which incorporates various of the latest techniques to save both energy and time.
Traction Machine Designed and Manufactured by EDAM (German PMSM technology)
  • The motors produced by EDAM promised better quality assurance and quality control.
  • Compact PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) for space saving.
  • Over 30% lower in power consumption (compared to conventional electric motor)
  • Gearless traction without gear oil for low vibration, low noise and better environment conservation.
  • Long-axis motor design for a smaller motor diameter, winding in beam, advanced and compact.
  • 10% volume reduction and 11% weight reduction compared to old models.
Machine Room Type
Machine Room Control Panel
Machine Roomless Type
Machine Roomless Control Panel
Electrical Brake System for Rescue
For any elevator without automatic landing during power failure, the brake has to be released manually for leveling before the rescuers open the car door for rescue.
This type of mechanical leveling machine is replaced with an electrical brake system. The standby power can be connected to the brake for automatic landing by pressing the button in the hall emergency operation panel (HEOP).
Compared to the previous mechanical type, this electric brake system has the following advantages:
high reliability : more reliable than mechanically driven type;
simple installation : only laying of cables and no mechanically driving structure for simpler installation;
easy operation : only by pressing buttons, easier than pulling mechanically assembled levers; reduced size: only relevant buttons available in HEOP and no levers or mechanical linkages to reduce the HEOP size.
More Scientific Structure
Newly designed car structure in which car sheave has been moved from the top to the bottom of the car.
The maintenance space above the car is more spacious than ever to improve serviceability and safety of inspection and repair on a full scale.
Besides, the application of the car sheave mechanism under the car and FEM analysis has minimized the vibration transmitted from the wire rope and guide rail to the inside of the car due to the perfect balance between strength, rigidity and vibration to give passengers the greatest riding comfort as always.
Mashiba Door Motor Design
The latest door control system designed by Mashiba is used, and high-performance rotary transformer is used as a speed detector to achieve high reliability, high performance and excellent safety.
  • High reliability: Mashiba’s careful design, strict testing and precise manufacture ensure high reliability of its products.
  • High performance: The current-speed double closed loop control system together with the high- performance rotary transformer provides accurate control of door speed and position to ensure quiet and smooth operation.
  • Excellent safety: Door motor current is fully under monitoring. Even if safety edge and light curtain for door failed, the door control device will detect abnormality immediately and stop the operation to protect the passengers from harm.
Reduced Energy Consumption
Reduction of Standby Power Consumption
Functions such as lighting auto sleep, ventilation auto sleep are introduced as optional specifications to save energy. Power consumption during standby mode has been improved to reduce power consumption of control panel during standby mode.
LED Lighting
Under equal brightness, theoretically the LED lighting system only consumes 10% of an incandescent lamp and 50% of an fluorescent lamp. The environment-friendly features of LED lighting include:
  1. reduction of carbon dioxide and other wastes;
  2. no hazardous heavy metals, such as mercury and lead;
  3. no flashing, ultraviolet components and radiation pollution;

Use of Roller Guide
Roller guide is used instead of the conventional sliding guide shoe as an option. It is featured with:
  • Comfort: Using the successful vibration damping solution from the high-end elevator type, riding comfort is further improved after roller guide is mounted on the car.
  • High efficiency: Visible improvement of the mechanical efficiency with lower friction and energy consumption.
  • Compactness: Due to the advanced design of compact spring-type roller guide, the damping spring which used to be laid horizontally is set upright to further reduce the space occupied by the guide and thus available for all existing types of machine by overcoming the space limitation.
  • Environmental conservation: The parts such as lubrication oil and lubrication unit are eliminated and replaced with long-life rubber roller to reduce environmental pollution.

Control Panel
Total volume (size) reduction of 40%, weight 36% reduction.
Environmentally Conscious
Supply of Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Dry guide rail without lubricant oil.
  • Maintenance-free designed oil buffer without leakage problem, which provides sustainable and reliable operation.
Noise Control
New developed gear engagement has significantly reduces the noise and vibration that would be caused by gear engagement of conventional gear- type traction machine. Lower motor rotor speed leads to noise reduction resulting from high-speed electric motor. Integration of VVVF control system and PMSM gearless system technology, makes riding more comfortable. In such an elevator, you will enjoy the feeling of elegance and grace while be taken to the desired floor.
Lead-free Design of Base Plate, RoHS Compliance and Elimination of Specific Chemical Substances (15 Classifications) Continuous concern on the RoHS compliance, eliminating 15 classifications of specific chemical substances, and using the lead-free technique for main circuit boards.